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I am Meret Nehe.
I support groups, organizations and individuals in contributing to a sustainable* future through
responsible leadership.

My motivation

I am convinced, that sustainability* is the driver for innovation of our time - if we dare to devote ourselves to the complex challenges - with courageous questions, right methods, creativity and innovative spirit.
That is why, as an independent process facilitator, moderator and leadership coach, I accompany people in transformation processes at the interface between strategy, innovation.

Strategic sustainability

social change systemic innovation   

co-creative methods values

Responsibility leadership

* For me, sustainability means living and working in long-term harmony among people and with nature. Here I write more about it.

Customers & Partners

We can only jointly solve the complex challenges of our time.
I believe in the power of collaboration and synergies which I experience in working with for example these organisations and people:



Partners & networks

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