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About me

Short profile

As a process facilitator, I support groups and individuals with questions of sustainability, transformation and systemic innovation. Through workshops and training sessions, counseling and mentoring conversations, as well as through impulses in speech and writing, I encourage people to actively contribute to shaping the change towards a sustainable future. I enable spaces for reflection, dialogue and the joint development of new perspectives and strategies for sustainable transformation.

My path

For almost 15 years I have been driven by curiosity and the will to contribute to the pressing questions of our time. What can a just, sustainable future look like? Which societal transformation processes are required that can realistically be achieved? What paths do we as a society, as individuals, as organizations and groups have to take now in order not to continue to live at the expense of others?

Through my own learning journey, I have had the privilege of exploring these questions and building my expertise. A selection of the stations that have shaped me and enabled me to support processes of others today:

> Bachelor in Business Administration in Leisure Management (Netherlands and Santiago de Chile)
> Co-founding a social enterprise (Mekipee, 2009 - 2013)
> Project management at Viva con Agua eV, BAUM eV, (Hamburg), Klimahaus Bremerhaven
> Master of Science in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability (Karlskrona, Sweden)

> Program management in a social business incubator (Zurich, Switzerland)

> Accompaniment of change processes in SMEs (part-time, temporarily employed)

> Continuous training on state-of-the-art methods and approaches to strategic sustainability, co-creation, facilitation, systemic innovation

> International network , including membership in the Climate KIC Network of Coaches, Masters of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Alumni Network, etc.

Today I don't know all the answers to the pressing questions of our time, but I know how to design spaces and dialogues that help us to find answers together.

What excites me

polar bears people who show courage books that capture my imagination campfire cycling leadership that poses questions daring to go new ways leadership out of responsibility wind undertstanding global interconnections  the ocean tart beer buying in local shops understanding perspectives of others writing the words that want to be written

What makes my work

Designing and holding safe spaces

As a facilitator, I create and maintain space for reflection, exchange, and the development of ideas and strategies in groups and teams.

Systemic thinking

Using approaches such as Systems Leadership, I support leaders in navigating the complex challenges of our time.

Asking questions

I see my role as a sparring partner and companion.
I raise questions, the answers of which we explore together.

Encouraging new perspectives and empathy

In workshops, I support others in taking new perspectives, thereby promoting a spirit of innovation and a sense of community.

Draw potential from differences

I accompany groups in co-creative processes to go new ways through different perspectives.


What I
say, read, write



Current impulses

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